Tiane Maestas

I am a


This section is simply all about getting to know me. If you're only interested in a more condensed, straight to the point overview please visit my resume and other sections below. Thank you!

Student & Software Developer.

  • Birthday: March 11, 2001
  • Age: 21
  • Location: San Diego, CA
  • Ethnicity: White & Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
  • Major: Physics w/ Specialization in Astrophysics
  • Minor: Computer Science Engineering
  • Phone: +1 760-524-7077
  • Email: tianemaestas@gmail.com

I am currently a UCSD senior studying under Revelle College. I enjoy puzzles and problem solving. I'm fascinated by space; when I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut. In school I am studying physics because I enjoy the problems that the field brings. Physics also satisfies my curiousity about the world and how it works. As I've grown older I have also developed an interest in computers and software. Studying CSE in school, and on my own, I've found that I have a lot of fun with software and the type of problem solving that it requires. More than this, I've found that I have a particularly strong talent for developing software that's greater than any of my other skills. This love and skill that I've found in problem solving and software is what I will persue as my career for the foreseeable future.

Fun Facts

Here are some quick and fun facts about me! I love to play the piano but it's been hard for me to find time recently :(. I really enjoy the outdoors and everything it has to offer. I played competitive soccer for 11 years growing up. In high school I did water polo, swimming, and dive. I love surfing, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing...but I also like to sleep and stay home. I like to play video games with the homies and eat a lot of food. Below are some more cool stats.

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Complete Games Created the number of video games that I have made that are playable from start to finish.


My entire life I've loved puzzles, problem solving, and the satisfaction of completing diffuclt tasks. When it comes to my job I'm the same way. At work, I find joy in what I do through the puzzles that arise and work hard for the satisfaction of completing the tasks that I'm given. Along with this: I work well in teams, have excellent time management and note taking skills, I'm flexible and able to juggle multiple things at once, determined, empathetic towards my team and others, creative, and a quick learner.


Tiane Maestas

Passionate about physics and programming, enjoys the process, and has a talent for both. Particularly strong problem-solving skills with very good verbal and written communication skills.

  • San Diego, California
  • (760) 524-7077
  • tianemaestas@gmail.com


Bachelor of Science, Physics & Computer Science Engineering

2019 - Present

University of California San Diego, La Jolla, CA

  • Physics major with a specialization in Astrophysics.
  • Computer Science Engineering minor with a focus in Computer Graphics.
  • Professional Experience

    Software Engineering Intern

    2022, Jun - Aug

    Safran Passenger Innovations,Brea, CA

    • Solved Bugs, Developed Tools, Reversed Engineered Solutions to new problems using existing ideas, Worked with Open-Source Software and OSS Compliance, Wrote and Used Documentation, Jenkins Scripting, Artifactory w/ C.I., SVN, Bit-Bucket, REST APIs, gRPC w/ protobuf, and lots of troubleshooting.
    • Worked solely in a Linux environment and solved bugs on an embedded Linux system.
    • Was a member of the OEM team and worked closely with the CTO on high priority issues.
    • Worked with professional, production code in C++, Java, Python, and BASH.
    • Independently developed a tool to parse millions of lines of multithreaded log messages across multiple log files to compile a single source report on flight transaction’s lifetime and final status’.


    Below are some of my favorite personal projects. Please visit each individual project page for more details by clicking the link at the bottom of each image. To see my other public work please visit my GitHub.

    • All
    • CPU Based Ray Tracer
    • Particle Simulation
    • ZooSeeker
    • 2D Puzzle Game
    • Nebula


    Throughout my life, career, and eduction I've made many relationships. This section is a collection of statements from some of the people in my life that can attest to my character. Thank you to everyone who has allowed me to use their words here.

    Tiane is the deepest thinker I know. He's inquisitive and curious. He loves to solve puzzles and problems; he just doesn't want to know how something works but truly understand the science behind the why.

    Ngatokorua Werts

    Mother & Education Specialist

    When Tiane works he brings an eager, willing to learn attitude to every challenge that comes his way. He is professional and communicates well with his team. His solutions to problems are always well thought out.

    Mark Maestas

    Father & Senior Software Manager

    Tiane is a passionate person that finds the fun in problems both big and small.

    Alexandra Jeppesen

    Girlfriend & DNA Research Associate

    Tiane is a self starter who is driven by his vast curiousity. During his internship at SPI, he tackled problems confidently and was prepared with the right questions after doing thorough research. He thrives both independently and in a team.

    Jose Peralta

    Mentor & Software Engineer